Smith College: ISP Leaders Intro

You all know how much I loved the International Students Pre-orientation (ISP) last year and that I have special feelings for International Smithies ;)

Now, I hear that ISP is starting tomorrow (I hope I did my math right), and I bet a lot of you are having those weird nervous/ excited feelings. Not to worry! ISP Leaders are some of the greatest Smithies you’ll meet. Here’s a link I stumbled across Facebook yesterday.

I’ll tell you from my experiences that many of the ISP leaders and international first years from ISP are the closest friends I have at Smith. Making friends is not always easy for me, so I was thankful that ISP was there to ease me into the bigger Smith community. I would encourage everybody to get comfortable at your own pace during ISP too so you don’t get overwhelmed when all the first years start pouring in. 

And I know how easy it is to fall into the pattern of hanging out with people from the same country as you. (I am totally guilty of this.) When you’re nervous, you naturally want to surround yourself with people like you. I know. But I would highly recommend getting to know as many people as possible. Sit with somebody new during meal times or bus rides; explore campus or downtown in groups; walk down to the dining halls and events with people near your house etc.

Same goes for when you leave ISP. I easily gravitated towards hanging out with friends I made in ISP, and I’ve neglected my housemates and classmates sometimes. Oops. 

Anyways, for those of you joining ISP this year, please enjoy your time there. And I hope to meet some of you when I arrive on campus! Hugs.

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#fbf I need to wake up in 3.5hrs, but I really don’t want to sleep. So I dug out my dusty old senior yearbook and found my senior collage. So many memories. Only one year ago, really? #highschoolmemories

#fbf I need to wake up in 3.5hrs, but I really don’t want to sleep. So I dug out my dusty old senior yearbook and found my senior collage. So many memories. Only one year ago, really? #highschoolmemories

Weekly Obsessions: Smithie Tumblrs

Hello! This is just a continuation of a random weekly post inspired by Superfruit that I started last week. Wow, it’s already been a week. 


So, I’m obsessed with Smith and Smithies all the time, but this week I’ve been especially excited about these two tumblrs run by incoming first years. I want to introduce them here because they aren’t on the Smith College website. (Maybe these bloggers aren’t under Smith Admissions radar yet, but I see you, and I know you see me too…)

— smithieonalifeadventure is Ayumi’s blog. She is actually from the same high school as me back in Japan. And if you remember way back when I posted about a prospective student visiting me during Fall Break… Yup, that’s her! (Link) She Facebook messaged me one day that she was applying to Smith Early Decision like me, so I responded “OHMYGOSH!!!! A FUTURE SMITHIE!!! I will tell you everything I know about Smith <3”, and we have been great friends since then.

asmithieexperience is a blog by a first year from the US and India. Well, she explains her story in more detail in her blog. (She didn’t say her name on her blog, so I’m going to keep it that way.) What I love about her blog is that her text posts remind me of the nervous/ excited feelings I had exactly an year ago. And I thought her Zerbe Derbee episode was hilarious! I’m really excited that we’ll be in the same house! Oh wait, Ayumi is a Hubbardite too! Well, I guess my weekly obsession is actually just Hubbardites.

If you’re interested in life at Smith, definitely check out these two new bloggers and ask them questions. I’m sure you can get new insight from them. Show them some love and follow!

There are many other Smithie tumblrs you can follow here. *Note: Some are more active than others :P

And that is all. Hugs.


Dear Next Semester
Please be good to me.
A College Student 

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Stephen Colbert gave Hillary Clinton a truly hard choice when she paid a surprise visit to The Colbert Report last night. Click here to watch.

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Anonymous said: nooo it's not that it's just that you make college sound so awesome I'm starting to worry I'm not good enough to get in

Oh, I see. Well, if I’m making college sound awesome, my blog is a success! Thank you!

Now, to alleviate your worries…

Everybody has the same nervous feeling when they apply for college. Instead of bottling up those feelings (like me), it would help to talk it out with your friends, family, teachers, guidance counselor, or even your pets!

When my friends and I were applying to colleges, I tended to avoid talking about college to them. Everybody seemed really stressed out, and I thought it was a sensitive topic; I didn’t want to add stress to my friends by asking about their college applications or by telling them about my worries. But once we all started getting letters from colleges, we all loosen up and told each other about how worried we actually were about college. I kind of wish that I shared my feelings with my friends earlier. I think it would have been more comforting to know my friends were feeling the same sooner.


Applying to college isn’t about getting accepted to the best college in the country. It’s about getting accepted to the best fit college for you. 

Smith College was my dream school, and I got in. But if Smith rejected me, I wouldn’t have taken it personally. (Well, let’s be honest. Maybe back then I would have. But now that I have a better understanding of college, I wouldn’t.) Because to me, what was most important for choosing a college was that I felt comfortable in it. When a school rejects you, it just means that they didn’t think you would be a good fit for their school. If the admissions officers didn’t think I would be comfortable in their school, I would have said ‘thank you’ and moved on. So in that sense, I don’t think you should be worried about rejection. (Just my personal opinion.) 

Think about what you can do to make sure you end up in a college that is comfortable for you. For example, send in an application with essay, teacher recommendations, and interviews that describes you honestly. That way, the college will know exactly what kind of person you are, and they can make an accurate decision if you are fit or not fit for their school.

People might judge you for not going to a certain college. Some people might judge you for not going to college. But fuck that. Just remember to concentrate on what is most important to you and what is the best for you. In the end, everything works out. :)

You define happiness. You define success.


Sorry if you’ve already heard all of this stuff before and this answer is totally boring. Since I don’t really know your background, I was just making general statements from my personal experience. Wow, that got kind of deep.

Anyways, thank you for sharing your feelings :)




People talk about how hard long distance relationships are but nobody talks about the struggle of long distance friendships. I would give my left leg right now to just be able to sit in our pjs and watch movies or to just be able to give a big fucking hug. 

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Teen quotes


Teen quotes



Teen quotes


Teen quotes

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Anonymous said: reading your blog is making me panic about college 0_0

Oh gosh. I’m sorry about that. I was really trying to make people excited about Smith College, but maybe I went too far :0

Would you like to talk about it?

~~Story Time~~

I remember being really nervous about college too. I’ve never lived away from my parents for an extended period of time (let alone on the other side of the Earth), never chose a school for myself, and was totally clueless about money and student visa business that comes along with being an international student. I really had no idea what college was supposed to be like. There were a lot of things about college that I didn’t know that I had to find out on my own through trial and error.

I didn’t know how lonely it was going to be when I caught a fever in college, and my mom wasn’t there to leave a glass of water on my desk. I didn’t know how busy and immersed in college life I was going to be that I would lose my connections with high school friends and family members. I didn’t know college level language classes were so demanding and rigorous!!

And then, there were the great things about college I discovered: the sense of community within my house and as a whole college, learning things that high school teachers labeled “too much detail”, the confidence I gained from being surrounded by intelligent and motivated people, and the joy of sharing my culture!

So the reason why I blog about my college life here is because I want to let the next group of college first years know the things I didn’t know. At least you would be a little bit more prepared than me!

Let me know if you have specific worries that I might be able to help you with.



Weekly Obsessions: ISAK Summer School 2014

Hello! I just randomly decided to begin a weekly post starting today called ‘Weekly Obsessions’ inspired by YouTube channel Superfruit! (I love love love Superfruit!) I’m hoping this would be a good way to keep my blog updated and enjoyable for all my readers. 

Let’s get started!

[Picture] 80 students from 23 different countries and territories gathered in Karuizawa, Japan for 12 days of ‘growth and change’. 

As I mentioned before, I was in Karuizawa for the past two weeks as a summer school counselor at the International School of Asia, Karuizawa (ISAK) Summer School. I have been obsessed with ISAK since the first time I joined three years ago, but I am especially obsessed with ISAK right now because I miss all the staff, faculty, counselors, and students so much. 

Quick Overview: ISAK is Japan’s first international boarding high school, and it’s goal is to develop future leaders for Asia and the world (Facebook). It’s going to have the IB program, classes centered around leadership and diversity, and will be a part of the United World College (UWC). The past five years, ISAK has been hosting summer schools for middle school students as a preview for the actual high school, which will be welcoming its inaugural class in a matter of weeks! My family and I are very excited about this because we’ve been involved since my younger brother was a student at their first summer school five years ago. 


Every year, I learn a new lesson. This year, I learned about committing to what is most important to me. Everything begins with awareness. I realised what is most important to me: to love and be loved because everybody deserved to be loved. Then, I chose something that I can commit to practicing everyday to remind myself what is most important. I decided to practice positive thinking, being honest with myself and to others. Since love is what is most important to me, I can commit to these practices.

I also learned that everything I do is a choice. To love myself is a choice. To love another person is my choice. To do the opposite of those two things is also a choice. If I decided to stop hating and practice loving, I can love myself and my enemies. As long as I always go back to asking myself, ‘what is most important to me’, I’ll always find my way back to love. 

I will apply these lessons for the rest of my life. Always be aware of what is most important to me and commit to what is most important. Be aware of the reasons why I make the choices that I make.


ISAK made me who I am.

'One life. Realise your potential. Be a catalyst for positive change.'