My friends and I performed at the Hanami Festival last Saturday. Hanami is the Japanese tradition of cherry blossom watching in the Spring. It’s something I miss a lot about Japan. I’m sad that I missed the cherry blossoms this year, but I’m glad I got to enjoy some Japanese food, music, and performances thanks to the Japanese Culture Organisation at Smith, Sazanami.

I’m really grateful for my friends, Suzu and Desiree, who sing with me even though I am not nearly as talented as them. As amateur as we are right now, forming a little singing group with friends and performing in public was a little dream of mine since I was young. …Of course, after years of living in reality, I gave up… But somehow I get to live my dream for once. :)

Note: Yes, I am that awkward one in the blue yukata.

Less Than a Month To Go…

The past few days have been chaotic as I approach the end of my first year experience. (Oh no! I’ll have to change this blog title!) It’s a little scary to see new accepted Smithies crawling around campus for Discovery Weekend and Open Campus. Has it really been a year already?


There isn’t much time left, but here I am stilltaking midterms for both of my biology classes. How is this even possible? (More presentations, lab reports, and finals to come in the near future. Side effects may include stress and anxiety…)


I successfully registered for my next semester classes this morning. It looks a lot different from my current schedule: less biology, and more education! Really excited. :) Unfortunately, I got waitlisted for one education class, but I’m pretty sure I’ll squeeze in.

And I survived my first Room Draw! My roommate and I somehow made our way to our first choice room in Hubbard House. Next semester, we’ll have the luxury of living in a corner room with two windows and two closets! Plus, it’s on the second floor close to the stairs so I wouldn’t have to struggle too much during move in/ move out.